● Dancing/Boxing


Kaunas Artist House
November - December 2020

The residency was aimed at engaging young people during Covid-19 lockdown with outdoor activities at their local neighborhoods in Šilainiai microdistrict in Kaunas, Lithuania. Using dance and boxing, the project aimed to negate the stereotypes of these two disciplines, encouraging a varied demographic to undertake these activities. Here, dance was presented as a strength requiring sport and boxing as a discipline that relies on rhythm and awareness. 6 locations around Šiliainiai were marked with colour-coded signposts and QR codes, where people could see videos of a dancer or a boxing coach explaining how to engage with this spot to acquire dancing or boxing skills. “What’s there to do?” became the slogan of the residency, while referring both to the explanatory nature of the video as well as the question that is often asked in the yard.